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181–187 Hay Street
Haymarket, Sydney

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Sydney, Australia

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Exterior view of 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney. Courtesy 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art—Australia’s peak national body for contemporary Asian art and cultural thinking—is an initiative of the Asian Australian Artists Association, a nonprofit organization established in 1996. It fosters excellence and innovation in contemporary Asian and Australian culture through research, documentation, development, and presentation of contemporary visual art. 4A’s vision is for contemporary visual art to be central to understanding the dynamic relationship between Australia and the Asia region. The initiative promotes a greater understanding of Asian and Austvralian culture through an innovative and multifaceted program of events and activities, including exhibitions, discussions, research, and education, which engage local and international artists as well as diverse sectors of the broader community.

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