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Naher street, (Jisr el hadid), Chalhoub building, n 22
Ground Floor, Facing Spoiler Center

98weeks Research Project / Space

Beirut, Lebanon

Cover Image:

A talk by Bik Van Der Pol held at 98weeks Project Space, Beirut, 2011. Courtesy 98weeks Project Space

98weeks Research Project / Space is an artist organization founded by Marwa Arsanios and Mirene Arsanios in October 2007. It has also been a project space since November 2009. Conceived as a research project that shifts its attention to a new topic every ninety-eight weeks, the organization focuses on artistic research, combining both theoretical and practical forms of inquiry. 98weeks’s projects take multiple forms, such as workshops, community projects, seminars, reading groups, publications, and exhibitions. Today, its team consists of Mirene and Marwa Arsanios and Yasmine Chemali.

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