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Rua dos Caleireiros 77

A Certain Lack of Coherence

Porto, Portugal

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António Bolota, “Untitled,” 2010. Exhibition view at A Certain Lack of Coherence, Porto. Photo: Pedro Tropa

“Uma certa falta de coerência” (“A Certain Lack of Coherence”) is defined as an artist-run space for the exhibition and discussion of art-related projects. This is done in tandem and in development with previous similar projects throughout the city of Porto, a gesture we deem continuously essential.

Our present goal is to return artistic activities to Rua dos Caldeireiros (“Street of Coppersmiths”), which was known for its craftsmen. It is a cyclic movement that we need to make sure will continue. More often than not, independent spaces have short or intermittent life spans, given that they are limited to the possibilities brought about by those who manage them and the physical spaces they occupy. The recent weakening or outright end of some of these spaces has provoked an involuntary detachment of the people that used to visit them. This leads us to question the concept of community.

Thus, this project operates with urgency towards the continuity of a community-forming gesture, with its main goals being the stimulation of encounter and confrontation between all those who are interested in artistic proposals, willing to question themselves and all things around them, and willing to express those questions to one another.

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