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AFA (Art For All Society)


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João Ó, “Mythologist,” 2010. Exhibition view at AFA Beijing, Beijing. Courtesy AFA Beijing

AFA (Art for All Society) is a nonprofit art organization established in 2007 in Macau. Our objectives are to enhance the development of Macau contemporary art, to facilitate local art creations, and to assist the Macau SAR Government with the development of local cultural undertakings.

To introduce Macau art to Mainland China, we set up a branch, AFA Beijing, in October 2008. AFA Beijing is located in the 798 Art District, and consists of two sections—an exhibition area and artist studios. Exhibitions organized by AFA Beijing present the newest work by artists from Mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, showing the international city of Beijing’s various cultural forms.

AFA has also established an art scholarship program to encourage and support young artists in Macau to continue their studies in Mainland China or abroad, in order to foster even better local arts practitioners.

Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on the development of contemporary art and organizing high-quality solo exhibitions of Macau artists, and to cooperate with artists from Mainland China in joint exhibitions that complement the Macau SAR Government’s plan to develop its cultural industries.

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