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New Gate, Old City

Al-Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art

Jerusalem, Palestine

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Andrea Faciu, Human Flags, 2009. Installation view outside Al-Ma’mal Foundation, Jerusalem, 2009. Photo: Issa Freij. Courtesy Al-Ma’mal Foundation

Al-Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art in Jerusalem is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote, instigate, disseminate, and make art. Founded in 1998, Al-Ma’mal serves as an advocate for contemporary art and a catalyst for the realization of art projects. We aspire to create opportunities for experimentation, inspiration, and education.

We provide workshops for youth in art and invite artists to work and present their work in Jerusalem. With our five primary programs, The Jerusalem Show, artist-in-residence, workshops, presentations, encounters, and the Contemporary Art Museum Palestine (CAMP) project, Al-Ma’mal is determined to make Jerusalem a center for contemporary art activity. The forum we provide is a conduit through which we strive to contribute toward the evolution of the cultural fabric of society, which gives art more possibilities to become a mode of expression and a way of life.

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