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3 Osama bin Zaid Avenue

Al Riwaq Art Space

Adliya, Bahrain

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Jack Higbee, 3-D Room, 2011. Installation view of “Spaces and the In-Between” at Al Riwaq Art Space, Adliya, 2011. Photo: Jack Higbee

Al Riwaq Art Space is a nonprofit space that supports contemporary art practices and propounds free expression and human achievement. We aim to promote creativity and art value in a traditional society where alternative art struggles to gain acceptance. In order to encourage public awareness and appreciation for the arts, Al Riwaq’s interdisciplinary program is comprised of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, seminars, charity events, book signings, film screenings, artist residency programs, and a new alternative art school. Al Riwaq provides artists and the public with a platform to exchange ideas in order to provoke intellectual debate, and to encourage and develop creative thinking along with nurturing cultural production.

Established in 1998, Al Riwaq was the first art gallery in Bahrain, and is now a leading establishment in Bahrain’s art and culture scene. The commitment of those who help run Al Riwaq Art Space is present and observable today, simply by how much Al Riwaq has grown. In 2004, operations were expanded to comprise four floors. Al Riwaq now consists of a workspace, artist studios, office space, bookstore, gift shop, and exhibition space. A café was added in late 2010.

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