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Calle 71 N° 52–30 Music House

Albo Program

Medellín, Colombia

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Venuz White, “Momentum: Origen de un instante en el tiempo (‘Momentum: Origin of an Instant in Time’),” 2010. Exhibition view at Albo Program, Medellín. Photo: Julián Roldán

Created in 2010 by the Fundación EPM in collaboration with the Museo de Arte Moderno in Medellín—with the goal of promoting a cultural intermediation platform that operates from current aesthetic practices—the Albo Program represents the sole space in Colombia that encourages creation as well as the development of young artists working on site-specific contemporary art projects.

Under the curatorship of Óscar Roldán-Alzate, every year two or three proposals are selected to make effective use of the exhibition space—with its abundant natural light and considerable height—as the work is developed according to it. This is the manner in which artists can propose their interpretations, interventions, or appropriations of the space. The exhibitions can be monographic—one or several in situ pieces developed by a single artist or collective—or one or several in situ pieces developed by several artists or collectives (groups of artists with shared proposals). The goal is to create a space that: welcomes conversation, speculation, and debate; understands art as an open process that allows the intersection of different kinds of knowledge and disciplines; and addresses the meaning of ethic and aesthetic manifestations, an unavoidable exploration of a geographic context, and, most importantly, of a human reality.

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