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10 Hussein Hassab Street, Flat 6
Azarita, Alexandria

Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum

Alexandria, Egypt

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Exterior view of Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum, Alexandria, 2008. Photo: Jeremy Beaudry

Located inside a flat near Alexandria’s downtown district, Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum (ACAF) was proactively initiated and is run by a small group of artists/practitioners. With a focus on contemporary art, (new) media, and discursive practice, ACAF’s frame of reference is the wider social context it exists within locally and globally, thus it is interested in developing projects that explore the boundaries of this context. ACAF works to cultivate a deeper awareness of art in relation to all aspects of contemporary life and culture. Central to its mission is an ongoing engagement with projects that bring together established and emerging artists, university students, and diverse practitioners in contexts that recognize the value of an informal, non-hierarchal, open-ended circulation of information and experience. The forum is in a constant state of flux and incorporates new fields of interest and activity guided by its socio-cultural compass. ACAF enhances its projects by programming lectures, symposia, screenings, and other events that are all admission free, in addition to housing a small library which features a growing collection of contemporary art publications for the benefit of the local arts community.

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