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Sehbender St. No: 14
D-3 Asmalimescit
Tunel Beyoglu, Istanbul

Apartment Project

Istanbul, Turkey

Cover Image:

Tayfun Serttas, “M&M Tailor’s Dream,” 2011. Exhibition view at Apartment Project, Istanbul. Courtesy the artist

Established in 1999 by visual artist Selda Asal, Apartment Project is one of the first artist-run spaces in Istanbul and Turkey. Since the very beginning, it has been committed to developing communication between artists and art operators, such as critics, researchers, and curators.

It provides a project space for solo and collective exhibitions, workshops with interdisciplinary collaborations, screenings, performance evenings, and open public discussions. Some of those projects have traveled to other locations, including Germany, Sweden, and France.

Apartment Project plays a key role in supporting art production and research projects based on workshops. The organization is also dedicated to the research and development of different models and perspectives, working in the contemporary art scene together with local and international art scenes of neighboring countries. By inviting artists and researchers from contemporary art and cultural fields, it has organized traveling workshops in the South Caucasus and Balkan countries.

Apartment Project offers a four-room residency flat, which is designed principally for artists, curators, and researchers.

Since April 2008, Apartment Project has been functioning as an association.

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