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Dieffenbachstraße 31


Berlin, Germany

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“The Loose Bookshop,” 2009. Exhibition view at Archive Books, Berlin. Video: Alain Resnais’s Toute La Mémoire Du Monde, 1956. Photo: Danilo Correale

Archive, located on Dieffenbachstraße 31 in Berlin, is made up of three essential parts: Archive Books, Archive Kabinett, and Archive Journal. Each part is meant to produce different activities and materials, although—since Archive works as a single organization—each one is strongly related to the other two. The organization’s main goal is to produce, engage, accumulate, and circulate critical material for artists, curators, cultural researchers, and other interested individuals.

Archive Books is a publishing house that produces critical and theoretical publications based on contemporary culture, and organizes a broad variety of activities intended to lead to future publications and to develop further discussions and research on certain issues. Archive Kabinett serves as the headquarters of Archive Books and Archive Journal. It also features an exhibition space, which is used as a venue for showing artworks and organizing events, discussions, and performances. The space is open for daily visitors and welcomes collaborative projects. Archive Journal is a multilingual magazine based on an extensive variety of cogitative texts: from letters to essays to interviews to transcripts. The main intention of this cross-disciplinary publication is to offer a view on architecture, politics, and contemporary art.

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