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Avenida do Almirane Lacerda
No. 14-14C, Edf. Ind. Iao Son
3rd, 4th, and 5th Floors

Art Base 1


Cover Image:

“The Natural Cycle of Life,” 2011. Exhibition view at Art Base 1, Macau. Photo by Austin Tam

Art Base 1 (AB1) was founded by the Catholic Jesuits’ Association and is managed by the Penha Creative Association. Established in Macau as a nonprofit association, AB1 is committed to developing local art and culture, promoting art education, and nurturing talents with foresight and artistic creativity. AB1 currently sponsors fourteen local artist studios and promotes an annual program of international and local artist exhibitions as well as workshops, seminars, and art courses. The AB1 Gallery is also available for rental for other users.

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