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Art Laboratory Berlin

Berlin, Germany

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“Art and Law III: Seized—Critical Art Ensemble & Institute for Applied Autonomy,“ 2009. Exhibition view at Art Laboratory Berlin. Photo: Deussen

Art Laboratory Berlin is a nonprofit organization founded by an international team of art historians and artists in autumn 2006 (as Art Laboratory Berlin e.V.). A noncommercial art space, the organization was established as a platform for projects focusing on the border between the visual arts and related artistic and scholarly fields.

Its main focus of interest is the exhibition and placement of contemporary visual art that interacts with other creative areas, which has already been realized in exhibition series such as “Art and Music,” “Art and Text, ” “Art and Science,” and “Art and Law.” Each of these points of interaction is represented by a series of three or four diverse exhibitions. Art Laboratory Berlin’s goal is to explore the manifold approach of interaction and interconnection between these genres. Its current series, “Artists in Dialog,” features projects by two artists whose work shares a common theme, motif, or artistic strategy.

Art Laboratory Berlin is also interested in supporting contact between artists and the public as part of its exhibitions. To improve the understanding between emerging and experimental art, the organization presents public discussions with artists and curators. Additionally, its program provides lectures, film screenings, curator talks, and workshops.

  • 2,162 featured artists
  • 712 Public Programs
  • 441 Exhibitions

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