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Gugi-dong 56+13
Jongno-gu, Seoul
South Korea

Art Space Pool

Seoul, South Korea

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“Day of Confidence,” 2010. Exhibition view at Art Space Pool, Seoul. Photo: Hong Cheolki. Courtesy Art Space Pool

Art Space Pool (“Pool”) is a nonprofit art organization based in Seoul, Korea, devoted to initiating contemporary art productions and fostering cultural discourses and ideas. Co-founded by twenty local artist-curators, art critics, and interdisciplinary writers and thinkers in 1999, Pool has represented an institutional model of an artist-run space, an agenda-sharing community, an alternative-knowledge production site, and a collaborative collective of grassroots cultural producers.

Marking its tenth anniversary in 2010, Pool appointed its first curator-director and has newly launched a three-year plan under the vision of “Integrity and Openness,” which innovates the organization at a comprehensive level—from its space, programs, and organizational and financial structure to the surrounding artist community, public, institutional agenda, and network. Pool has since reconfigured its space into a gallery, archive, lounge, office, and outdoor spaces, and has a newly launched bilingual website. It began reaching a multigenerational public with its opening of an annex pilot space, “Ccuull (Honey) & Ccuull Pool (Honey Grass),” in 2010, for experimentations by cultural producers who propose to integrate cultural projects, self-initiated research, and a counter-market economy. Pool expanded its programming strands to include production, archiving, and schooling, interactive projects with the public and patrons, publications, and networking, and produces an average of forty programs per year. In its organizational structure, Pool mixes international and national board members. Most recently, Pool took over the first historical alternative art journal initiative Forum A and relaunched it as a publishing agent of Pool.

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