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Kristobaldegi 14, Loiola Auzoa
Donostia-San Sebastian

Arteleku-Tabakalera Centre for Creation

San Sebastián, Spain

Cover Image:

Installation view of works from the workshop “Elephant in the Room,” 2011. Photo: Jesús Mari Pemán. Courtesy Arteleku-Tabakalera Centre for Creation

Arteleku-Tabakalera Centre for Creation is the result of a collaboration agreement between Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa (regional council) and Tabakalera International Centre for Contemporary Culture. The center’s main goal is to promote creative projects with innovative elements, especially linked to the audiovisual field, but it also covers multiple artistic disciplines such as visual arts, photography, animation, cinema, sound, and performing arts.

Here, local and international artists—and anyone interested in extending their knowledge in arts and contemporary creation—will find professional structural support as well as a physical space in which to work, investigate, learn, exhibit, and get in touch with other people and creators. Facilities include a well-stocked documentation center specializing in contemporary culture, and featuring multimedia rooms, areas available for artists on short-term loan, and production workshops that adapt to the increasingly diverse needs of today’s artists, as well as a conference room and an exhibition hall.

With an important interdisciplinary schedule of activities, Arteleku-Tabakalera acts as an observatory for emerging trends: exhibitions, performances, and screenings, as well as creative projects (self-produced or made in collaboration with other institutions), monographic courses, workshops, and seminars—all run by specialist professionals or guest artists.

Public Hours
Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–9 p.m.
Founding Year
  • 2,162 featured artists
  • 712 Public Programs
  • 441 Exhibitions

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