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Building 16, 24 Wuxing Road
Near Huaihai Lu, Shanghai

Arthub Asia

Shanghai, China

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Participants of the symposium “The Making of the Silk Roads,” organized by Arthub Asia, in Bangkok, 2008. Courtesy the participants and Arthub Asia, Shanghai

Spearheaded by a dynamic team of specialized curators, in collaboration with local and international museums and other public/private spaces and institutions, Arthub Asia initiates and delivers ambitious art projects through a sustained dialogue with visual, performance, and new-media artists. Inspired by the collective intelligence generated by independent actors across China and the rest of Asia, it is committed to furthering experimentation, knowledge-production, and diversity among dedicated artists, art professionals, scholars, and art organizations in the region. Arthub is registered as a nonprofit organization in Hong Kong, with three directors, Defne Ayas, Davide Quadrio, and Qiu Zhijie, who are based across Asia.

Arthub Asia’s mission is to: (1) actively facilitate an informal network of contemporary artists, art professionals, and writers, starting first with an Asia-wide exchange platform and community, where different ideas and individuals merge, interact, and motivate each other, (2) act as a catalyst for the same people who want to share and initiate ideas for projects, including knowledge production (publications, research projects, symposia) and diversity (capacity building, networking, and regional mapping), and (3) serve as a platform for international partners and facilitate the production of exhibitions, performances, and workshops.

  • 2,162 featured artists
  • 712 Public Programs
  • 441 Exhibitions

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