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San Antonio, TX


San Antonio TX, USA

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“2 To Watch: Ken Little and Trey Moore in Discussion” at Artpace, San Antonio, 2010. Photo: Jennifer Herrera

Artpace was founded by artist, collector, and businesswoman Linda Pace (1945–2007) to serve as a laboratory of dreams, providing artists from all over the world with an environment that would encourage experimentation and growth.

In the years since, Artpace has garnered recognition for supporting the creative impulse through its residency and exhibition programs, as well as its range of educational programs. Growing from the inspired and generous vision of one woman, Artpace is now an internationally respected public institution and a cornerstone of contemporary art in San Antonio and the region.

Artpace serves as an advocate for contemporary art and a catalyst for production: it is a residency program as well as a site of exchange. It does this primarily through its International Artist-in-Residence program, which annually invites nine artists to live and work in San Antonio for two months to conceive and create pivotal art projects. For each residency a guest curator invites three artists—one from Texas, one from elsewhere in the United States, and one from abroad—to live and work in the Artpace studios. The residency results in an eight-week exhibition, accompanied by a full-color brochure, which are shared with the San Antonio public and the broader art world. In addition to these nine annual residency exhibitions, Artpace presents four exhibitions each year in its Hudson (Show) Room. These exhibitions form the foundation for ArtElements, Artpace’s innovative, TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) -aligned art curriculum. Each year, these education initiatives reach thousands of visitors, including more than 20,000 children and families.

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