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Jl RAA Martanegara, No 86

Asbestos Art Space

Bandung, Indonesia

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Irfan Hendrian, “Secular World,” 2011. Exhibition view at Asbestos Art Space, Bandung, 2011. Courtesy Asbestos Art Space

Asbestos was founded in 2002 by Mimi Fadmi and W. Christiawan, who were inspired by local artists’ desire to organize and challenge one another’s creativity. In the beginning, Asbestos was a performance art group whose activities included, among other things, inviting artists to collaborate on projects, and managing a performance art tour to big cities in West Java. In mid-2006, Asbestos changed its name to Asbestos Art Space, and is based in Bandung, Indonesia. Its activities have expanded to include the presentation of exhibits, courses, workshops, and discussions. These days, Asbestos Art Space is a place where artists share experiences and introduce new art world phenomena to the local community.

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