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Lion Arts Centre, North Terrace
Adelaide, South Australia
SA 5000

Australian Experimental Art Foundation

Adelaide, Australia

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Bridget Currie, “Regulators,” 2009. Exhibition view at AEAF, Adelaide. Photo: Sam Roberts

The Australian Experimental Art Foundation (AE AF) was established in 1974 by a small group of Adelaide artists and theorists in order to encourage new approaches to the visual arts.

The AE AF curates its program to represent new work that expands current debates and ideas in contemporary art and culture. The contemporary visual arts sector that the foundation supports, promotes, and seeks to stimulate includes practices that are interdisciplinary and research driven and have various gallery, project, and urban outcomes.

The foundation has operated internationally by virtue of the universality of its animating ideas. A significant aspect of the AE AF’s future agenda, however, is also the promotion of Australian artists in a global context, and the projection of local practices internationally through the effective fulfillment of the five actions initially conceived by the founders as the Foundation’s Manifesto: (1) art as the active and emergent apprehension of the world, (2) art that only incidentally, but not essentially, concerns itself
with the aesthetic, (3) art that is concerned with all values and not particularly with beauty, (4) art as the interrogator of the status quo, being essentially and not incidentally radical, and (5) art as experimental action, modeling possible forms of life and making them available to public criticism.

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