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Lange Nieuwstraat 4
3512 PH
The Netherlands

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst

Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Artur Zmijewski, “The Social Studio,” 2007. Exhibition view at BAK basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht. Photo: Régine Debatty

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, is a platform dedicated to thinking, researching, producing, presenting, and analyzing contemporary art. In its process of “becoming”—marking a trajectory from a spontaneous artists’ initiative established in 1989 to today’s contemporary art institute—BAK has served as an advocate for contemporary art. Its philosophy is to make accessible the art of our own time and its developments toward tomorrow.

It is the combination of the professional dedication of its people and a middle-field, flexible operation that makes BAK a distinct place. Our committed team of individuals with different skills identifies issues for artistic and intellectual analysis, invites art professionals for collaborations, and offers personal involvement and engagement.

BAK provides a basis that attempts to accommodate various aspects of complex sociopolitical situations in the contemporary world, and seeks out their artistic re-articulations. One could see BAK as a meeting point for various voices about the everyday. Should reality fail to provide enough vision toward the future, BAK will try to create a mental space for examining the potential of art to conceive the world otherwise.

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