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108 E. San Antonio St.
Marfa, TX

Ballroom Marfa

Marfa TX, USA

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“In Lieu of Unity,” 2010. Exhibition view at Ballroom Marfa, Marfa. Photo: Fredrik Nilsen

Founded in 2003, Ballroom Marfa is a nonprofit center for public exploration of contemporary art and culture. Housed in a converted dance hall that dates to 1927, the Ballroom includes two galleries totaling 4,500 square feet with a 6,000-square-foot courtyard.

Ballroom Marfa was envisioned as a cultural arts space for presenting visual arts, film, and music with equal vigor. This commitment to a multidisciplinary approach has facilitated a robust artistic cross-pollination as well as a means for targeting a larger audience. Although located in the rural town of Marfa, Texas (population 2,121), Ballroom Marfa is recognized as a major arts institution that attracts thousands of audience members from around the world to exhibitions and programs each year.

The center’s mission is to serve international, national, regional, and local arts communities, and to support the work of both emerging and recognized artists working in all media. An advocate for the freedom of artistic expression, Ballroom Marfa is particularly interested in helping artists and curators achieve projects that have significant cultural impact but would be impossible to realize in a traditional gallery or museum setting.

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