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Thoum, Batroun

Batroun Projects

Batroun, Lebanon

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Exterior shot of Batroun Projects, Batroun, 2011. Photo: Nora Razian

Batroun Projects is a three-story, 800-square-meter villa located on the beach of Batroun, Northern Lebanon, providing a site of production outside the dominant configuration of the city. Located between Tripoli and Beirut, the space acts as a node connecting local, regional, and international cultural producers to a dynamic context.

An open platform supporting a multidisciplinary approach to art production and research, Batroun Projects operates as a hub for dialogue, exchange, and collaboration with individuals, collectives, and institutions throughout Lebanon and beyond. It also seeks to challenge understandings of what art and cultural spaces should and can be.

The goal of Batroun Projects is to foster a program that is focused on projects and commissions by resident artists and practitioners, allowing the space to remain a constantly active site of production, exchange, retreat, and learning. Moreover, it intends to devise programs that allow its visiting residents to take ownership of the space and its public events, extending definitions and expectations of conventional residency formats to projects that incorporate wider reflections on self-organization, and operate as a platform to display and exhibit both art-based practice and alternative processes and activities around cultural events.

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