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Calle Luna 208, esquina San Justo
Viejo, San Juan
Puerto Rico


San Juan, Puerto Rico

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”Situationism and the City,” 2010. Four conferences by Javier Arbona, at La Ivan Illich, San Juan. Courtesy Beta-Local, San Juan

Beta-Local’s mission is to promote and support the production of artistic and aesthetic inquiry through education, exhibition, and production programs, and to promote aesthetic thought and practice in all aspects of life. We understand that a diverse audience and the engagement of multiple disciplines create active dialogue that is important for the local context. Our activities are generated through three main programs: La Práctica, the Harbor, and La Ivan Illich.

La Práctica is a one-year program focusing on the study, production, and critical discussion of art, in which individuals from a variety of creative disciplines take a complex creative project from concept to production, through individual and collaborative processes.

The Harbor is an artist-residency program for international visiting artists, cultural producers, and thinkers in support of La Práctica. Artists and other creative producers reside at Beta-Local from a few days up to two months. The residencies may entail producing or presenting a project, advising La Práctica, or leading public lectures and workshops. Artistic and intellectual exchange with local artists and the wider public is an important element toward a vital, healthy artistic culture.

La Ivan Illich is an open-school platform through which anyone can propose a class that he or she wants to take or can teach. It is part of the Puerto Rico public school network and a collaborative project with the Telic Arts Exchange.

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Tuesday–Friday: 10:30 a.m.–6:30 p.m., as well as for events and activities
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  • 2,162 featured artists
  • 712 Public Programs
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