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Verhalom utca 27/c

Blood Mountain Foundation

Budapest, Hungary

Cover Image:

Asim Memishi “Tenets of Impermanent Value,” 2011. Installation view at Blood Mountain Foundation, Budapest. Photo: György Darabos. Courtesy Blood Mountain Foundation.

Blood Mountain Foundation (BMF) is an independent, nonprofit organization working at the crossroad of contemporary art, architecture, and design. Based in Budapest, our mission is to generate fresh discourse and encourage the production of new work inspired by our location, as well as Hungary’s broader sociopolitical context as a new member state of the European Union (since 2004). Central to our objective is the belief that culture is an agent for social change, and its open discourse and unrestricted practice are fundamental to the life of a participatory democracy.

BMF aims to overcome the divide that—despite the fall of Communism 20 years ago—still distinguishes the region of Central Eastern Europe from abroad, by facilitating not the obvious migration of contemporary culture (East to West), but its very opposite (West to East).

Through an ambitious program of exhibitions, educational and public events, workshops, residencies, publications, and special projects, we aim to attract world-class thinkers to conceive new work in a unique context and, by exchange, to create new opportunities for local talent on the widest possible international platform. We celebrate process and exchange on par with the outcome.

BMF is located in a privately-owned Habsburg villa, and its identity is accredited to its namesake location, where one of the bloodiest battles was fought during the Ottoman occupation in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Given our international focus and ambitions, all activities take place in English.

Our first satellite project will take place in Australia in 2012/2013.

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