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Levels 7–10, Peckham Multi-Storey Car Park
95a Rye Lane
SE15 4ST

Bold Tendencies

London, United Kingdom

Cover Image:

Mohammed Qasim Ashfaq, How Dirty Is Your Glossy Black 2, 2010. Courtesy the artist, Ben Blossom, and Bold Tendencies

Bold Tendencies is a nonprofit summertime sculpture project dedicated to showcasing new art by international artists. Held on the top four floors of a disused multistory parking lot in Peckham, South London, with spectacular views across the city, Bold Tendencies is committed to supporting the vision of artists and actively engaging audiences.

Fifteen large-scale new works are commissioned annually by a specially appointed Curatorial Council and exhibited for three months from June 30–September 30.

The popular Frank’s Cafe & Campari Bar, designed by Practice Architecture (Paloma Gormley & Lettice Drake), occupies a temporary building alongside the sculpture on the roof.

Our aim is to establish London’s first sculpture park dedicated to making the most important exhibition of new international sculptures. We also endeavor to engage the local community and to support the education of children, young people, and students.

Public Hours
Thursday–Sunday: 11 a.m.–10 p.m. (June 30–September 30)
Founding Year
  • 2,162 featured artists
  • 712 Public Programs
  • 441 Exhibitions

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