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33, 33/1 Green Mart
Space no: 208+209, 1st Floor, Green Road

Britto Arts Trust

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Mahbubur Rahman, I Was Told to Say These Words, 2010–11. Glass fiber, cow and goat hide, sound, neon and metal cage, dimensions variable. Installation view at the Pavilion of Bangladesh, Venice Biennale, 2011. Photo: Mahbubur Rahman

Britto Arts Trust is a nonprofit, artist-run organization based in Dhaka. Focused on experimental and dynamic art, its programs include international and local workshops, and a number of residencies and research-based works in the field of visual art, which build exchanges and interaction throughout the worldwide Triangle Network.

The organization encourages and facilitates artists working with diverse mediums to experiment and explore their ideas beyond the boundaries of religion as well as ethnic and political conflict.

The first organization of its kind in Bangladesh, Britto has become an important alternative platform for artists. It encourages experimentation and the development of new ideas in the visual arts through activities that support emerging artists and bring new contemporary art to the local community. Britto’s main objectives are to facilitate dialogue and exchange opportunities for artists, encourage the development of high-quality artworks, and create a platform for critical discourse and interaction between artists from the region as well as different parts of the world. The organization supports and encourages experimentation within a diverse range of media and develops new ways of thinking beyond the religious, economic, ethnic, and political divisions in Bangladesh and throughout the world.

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