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Arkwright Road

Camden Arts Centre

London, United Kingdom

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“Simon Starling: Never the Same River (Possible Futures, Probable Pasts),” 2010. Exhibition view at Camden Arts Centre, London. Photo: Andy Keate

Camden Arts Centre is a world-class contemporary visual arts space dedicated to engaging with the highest caliber artists from across the international arts scene. Placing the artist at the center, it strives to involve members of the public in the ideas and work of today’s artists and the artists who inspire them.

The space’s exhibition and education programs are developed with equal importance, and are continually intertwined. The changing program, which includes exhibitions, artist residencies, off-site projects, and artist-led activities, ensures Camden Arts Centre remains a dynamic place for seeing, making, and talking about art. Exhibitions feature emerging and international artists showing for the first time in London, significant historic figures who inspire contemporary practice and artist-selected group shows relevant to current debate. Residencies develop artists’ practices with practical support, resulting in new work and public participation. Off-site projects include new commissions and performances in strategic areas such as King’s Cross and in local schools and community centers.

Camden Arts Centre’s educational activities include events that engage audiences in a regular series of talks and discussions, as well as film screenings and live art performances—all alongside family and school programs, and widening participation projects led by artists.

  • 2,162 featured artists
  • 712 Public Programs
  • 441 Exhibitions

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