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Rua Ladeira dos Meireles 150
Santa Tereza, Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Exterior view of Capacete’s Residency Hotel, Rio de Janeiro. Courtesy Capacete

Inaugurated in 1998, Capacete instigates and supports various projects as well as research conducted by artists, curators, critics, and guests through two structures. The first is dedicated to the Research Residency Program, which hosts up to six residents at a time: three in Rio de Janeiro and three in São Paulo, totaling around fifteen to twenty professionals per year in three- to six-month periods. The second structure, which opened in 2000, is based in Rio de Janeiro and functions as a guesthouse for different professionals related to contemporary thinking, who can come for different periods of time on their own accord. Here, we host around 400 people a year.

Capacete works and is financed by a network of international institutions and foundations that have made possible a continuous program of residencies with professionals coming from different countries. Its activities also include the production of new work by artists and residents, as well as lectures, publications, workshops, and exhibitions.

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