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Bankalar Cad, Banka Sok
2 Tan Han, Karakoy, Istanbul


Istanbul, Turkey

Cover Image:

View of the permanent exhibitions “Tea, Tavla and Tall Tales” and Daisy Frossard’s “Siyah Köyden Gölgeler” in the interior stairway of Caravansarai, Istanbul, 2010. Photo: Jonathan Lewis. Courtesy Jonathan Lewis Photography

Caravansarai is an independent art production space and meeting point for creators in Istanbul, Turkey. Just as the historical caravansarais hosted camel caravans along the Silk Road, we invite creative people—with or without camels—from around the globe for collaboration, experimentation, research, and exchange.

Our building is home to workshops, investigations, public, and private events, collaborations and an artist-in-residence program. As experienced producers of cultural and artistic projects, we are able to present a myriad of services: project and event management, art production, and artist management.

We welcome visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, scientists, circus performers, architects, choreographers, curators, writers, artisans, urban theorists, and all manners of creative people. Beyond Istanbul, inspired thinkers from everywhere participate virtually and physically in the projects we incite.

Caravansarai is an artist-run business adventure that explores the integration of art and culture into the flow of everyday life. Because of this, it is also what we (Julie and Anika, founders of Caravansarai) call ourselves when working together on our own personal art projects.

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