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Rua Diogo Do Couto, 5a 1100-195

Caribic Residency

Lisbon, Portugal

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Michele Di Menna, A Rise and Fall Performed by Hands, 2009. Performance at Caribic Residency, Frankfurt, 2009. Photo: Caribic Residency

Caribic Residency is a nomadic Kunstverein and two-day artist residency. The project started in a small former Caribbean bar in Frankfurt in 2008, and has since moved annually—first to a redundant tax office in Hamburg, then to a former tile and bathroom showroom in Lisbon.

The residency invites artists and professionals from related fields for short-term residencies in different locations. Usually, the residencies are open to the public on two subsequent days, during which we meet and share. The two-day scenario allows for temporary proposals, narrative structures, conceptual repetitions, and experimental formats. We encourage a discursive and immediate working process that aims to open up ways of engagement with artists and their work, outside of established modes of presentation and production.

Further pursuing the potential of the intense residency-format, Caribic Residency invites artists for two-day walks, often from one city to another, including a night’s stay somewhere halfway. The walks are semiprivate endeavors that are withdrawn from the institutional setting and object-based presentations. Moving and shifting through our surrounding, and walking, trains observation skills and is focused on inspiration rather than productivity.

Caribic Residency has also hosted a series of self-reflective events engaging with its current location and personal history.

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