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Rua Bras Cubas, 335
Aclimacao, CEP, Sao Paulo, SP

Casa Tomada

São Paulo, Brazil

Cover Image:

“Ateliê Aberto #3,” 2010. Isadora Ferrez, “Jardim do Minotauro” performance at Casa Tomada, São Paulo, 2010. Courtesy Casa Tomada

Casa Tomada is an inter-media project that consists in a space for practice, research, and reflections of artistic nature. The project emerged from the desire to build a space for the convergence of art’s various areas. Instead of focusing exclusively on the final product, Casa Tomada, which is concerned with the entire production process, aims to encourage debates and foster the development of work motivated by the experiences and ideas shared within its space. It also intends to fuel the discussion about the diversity of mediums in contemporary art.

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