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Nieuwekade 213-215
3522 RW
The Netherlands

Casco—Office for Art, Design and Theory

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Cover Image:

Natascha Sadr Haghighian and Ashkan Sepahvand, “Seeing Studies,” 2010. Exhibition view at Casco, Utrecht. Photo: Emilio Moreno

Casco—Office for Art, Design and Theory is a public institution dedicated to research-based and interdisciplinary practices in the fields of art and design. We see these fields as a means to take part in our physical, social, and political environment in critical and imaginative ways. Casco collaborates with artists, designers, architects, and theorists on projects that (in)directly involve a diversity of groups and individuals who are producing reality with their own specific capacities, and aligns itself with numerous other institutions, organizations, and self-organized groups in various fields.

The projects that we instigate and support do not pursue interdisciplinarity as an aim in itself, but as a necessary aspect of any critical, cultural project that does not want to subsist in a self-contained isolation from other fields of knowledge and surrounding environment. Research is important to us as a prelude to and integral element of (re)creation. There are recurrent areas of investigation that can be identified as: urban culture, alternative economy, negotiation between the public and the private, the common, transnationalism, modes of collaboration and alliances, ecological existence, and movement versus non-movement.

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