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350 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3JD

CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts

Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Abraham Cruzvillegas, “Autoconstrucción,” 2008. Exhibition view at CCA: Centre for
Contemporary Arts, Glasgow. Photo: Alan Dimmick. Courtesy CCA

CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts is a hub that provides support structures for artists, organizations, and audiences at many levels. It has a core program that revolves around the visual arts. There is also a series of six annual exhibitions and associated events. CCA aims to support and promote artists based in Scotland, and to present international work that is relevant and exciting for the public and local art community.

The largest element of CCA’s program is comprised of projects curated by other organizations or individuals. This open program allows CCA to support a broad range of artistic activity across Glasgow. Here, projects and artists that may not have a place to present their work are supported, allowing our audience to experience the full range of innovative art being created in the city.

CCA is committed to widening access to all of its programs. To this end, we create a context for the activities we support and organize events that allow for an equal exchange of ideas around the issues of contemporary art and culture.

Acknowledging that many audiences in Glasgow find it difficult to visit a venue in the city center, CCA is working on projects that revolve around growing, gardening, art, and healthy living in Drumchapel and Parkhead.

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