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683-31 Hannam-dong
Yongsan-gu, Seoul
South Korea

Ccuull & Ccuull Pool

Seoul, South Korea

Cover Image:

Yeodaham, “Domestic Dust Ground Control,” 2011. Exhibition view at Ccuull & Ccuull Pool, Seoul. Courtesy Ccuull & Ccuull Pool

Ccuull & Ccuull Pool is an experimental site in Itaewon, Seoul, realized from a partnership between artist Choi Jeong-hwa and the Art Space Pool, a nonprofit alternative art space also in Seoul. The partnership is made possible thanks to a private patron who is allowing cultural producers to “squat” his own building for four years as a counter-gesture to the urban gentrification plan of the city. With the given limited timeframe, the two partners agreed to propose the space as a free site of autonomous experiments by as many self-initiated individual creative workers as possible. The particular character of the building itself is ideal for multifaceted, parallel ventures that are to be integrated in the course of irresistible, interpersonal interfaces and public interrelations. Ccuull & Ccuull Pool consists of one lounge section on the ground floor, six semi-underground rooms, one window storefront, one greenhouse, and one temporary, illegal house strewn over a three-story rooftop, all of which autonomously grow by the locals’ survival instincts, within one chunk of a mazelike building.

Ccuull & Ccuull Pool (ccuull is Korean for “honey”) runs by organic algorithm and situational encounters of independent experiments, and their serial actions, public interfaces, and collaborations. The two partners, Choi and Art Space Pool, not only supervise the operational framework, but also provide free support space, water, internet, and electricity from six to nine months per project. Ccuull & Ccuull Pool is open to year-round proposals by any creative workers who should manage their own project economy and be open to public discussions, collaboration, and sharing open sources.

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