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Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

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Office of the Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia (CCAE), Tallinn, 2006. Photo: Eilve Manglus

Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia (CCAE) acts as an expert institution in international cooperation projects related to the contemporary art scene in Estonia. Established in 1992 as part of the Soros network, CCAE has been operating as an independent foundation since 1999, primarily funded by the Estonian Ministry of Culture. The institution works on collaborative projects with both local and international partners. Our Tallinn Art Hall office is open for the following purposes:

a) To gather and disseminate information about contemporary art in Estonia
b) To help initiate projects both at home and abroad that could expand the presence of professional contemporary Estonian artists in the international arena
c) To provide project-based scholarships for local artists to exhibit abroad, and research-based scholarships for foreign curators to work locally
d) To provide the impetus for (ex)change in local art critical discourse, and to produce and distribute publications about contemporary visual art projects from Estonia
e) To host foreign curators, critics, art historians, and artists in our office in order to expand exchanges and the international network
f) To act as the official representative of the Republic of Estonia at the Venice Biennale

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