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32 August House, 76-82 End Street
South Africa

Center for Historical Reenactments

Johannesburg, South Africa

Cover Image:

Kemang Wa Luhelere, Remembering the Future of a Hole as a Verb, 2010. Chalk on wall. Installation view at Center for Historical Reenactments, Johannesburg. Courtesy the artist

The Center for Historical Reenactment (CHR) is a Johannesburg-based independent platform founded in 2010. CHR looks at history to investigate how, within a particular historical hegemony, certain values have been created and promoted into a broader universal discourse. No doubt, historical constructions play essential, almost central roles in the formation of this system and what is often taken for granted as a given. Therefore, within the scope of emancipatory artistic productions, historical reenactments can and do play a significant role.

CHR employs artistic practices to reinterpret history and propose possibilities for new narratives and subjectivities in the process.

Public Hours
Wednesday–Friday: 11 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Tuesday and Saturday–Sunday: By appointment only, except during events
Founding Year
  • 2,162 featured artists
  • 712 Public Programs
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