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10 D Abashidze Street

Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia

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Exterior view of Center of Contemporary Art—Tbilisi, 2011. Courtesy CCAT

Center of Contemporary Art — Tbilisi (CCAT) is an independent, nonprofit organization which surveys the development of contemporary art in Georgia and in the Caucasus region. For a country with deeply rooted cultural traditions it is of crucial importance to have an independent and open institution, which will develop and contextualize contemporary visual culture and help Georgian and international artists to effectively present their own creative products to local and international audiences.

The center acts as a hub in Georgia, linking and working with similar organizations around the world. It aims to stimulate research in contemporary visual culture in Georgia and abroad. CCAT ’s main research project is focused on modernist art that was repressed in Soviet times and largely forgotten due to censorship.

The center has three key activities: organizing professional exhibitions of interesting and innovative contemporary art work; educating motivated art students; and finally, conducting research on Georgian modernist art. It intends to make CCAT into a vital asset to the cultural life of Tbilisi.

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