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9, McEwen Street, Sabo

Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria

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Interior view of the Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos, 2010. Photo: Ryan Inouye

The Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos (CCA, Lagos), is an independent, nonprofit visual art organization dedicated to providing a platform for the development, presentation, and discussion of contemporary visual art and culture.

CCA, Lagos, prioritizes new media and experimental visual art practice such as photography, animation, film and video, performance, and installation art, which have been underrepresented in contemporary Nigerian artistic practice.

The organization presents a diverse program of exhibitions, workshops, talks, seminars, performances, and film screenings. It focuses on Nigeria and the West African Region in addition to collaborating with other African and international organizations, artists and curators. CCA, Lagos, consists of an art space and a visual art library.

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