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1010 N. San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles CA, USA

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“Do We Surf the Wake?” 2011. Exhibition view at Concord, Los Angeles. Photo: Andy Robert

Concord is an open-space, 3,000-square-foot warehouse in Los Angeles, constantly inviting formation and re-formation. It is a laboratory for exhibition testing, an arm for community outreach and a platform for the development of hybrid creative practices.

Concord is an agreement, a concurrence in attitudes, harmony, and a utopian fantasy. At the same time, it is reminiscent of “Concorde,” the now-defunct transatlantic aircraft regarded as an engineering marvel. But today there are no supersonic passenger jets, so it marks a dream in decline and the foreclosure of collective belief in technological utopia.

In music, a “concord” occurs when multiple tones resonate in harmony. This warehouse is our home, but beyond that, we see so much potential—just as music uncovers a potential in silence. This building is a silence waiting to be something more.

Concord locates and re-locates itself in activity, experimentation, poetry, community, and society. It is an agreement to plurality and of experience and ideas.

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