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Av Prat 798
Oficina 574, Valparaiso

CRAC Valparaíso

Valparaíso, Chile

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View of the archive in the office of CRAC Valparaiso, 2011. Courtesy CRAC Valparaiso

CRAC Valparaíso is a nonprofit, collaborative platform for the different socio-artistic productions within the city of Valparaíso, Chile. We are a residential center for artists and researchers who make several meetings in the form of talks, workshops, and seminars.

CRAC Valparaíso is a content-distribution platform in a public-archive format, as well as a print and digital publisher. Our idea is based on the transdisciplinary nature of art, public sphere, city, and territory that work as a network of connections and partnerships on social and urban experiences. We want to rethink what public art means, especially in the context of a Latin American city, in connection with the production of other cities.

CRAC Valparaíso is an independent project that has been sustained since 2007 through a management model that is flexible and autonomous. We have worked with a number of platforms, groups, artists, and researchers by encouraging collaborative, de-centered networks.

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