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PO Box 5223

Darat Al-Funun—The Khalid Shoman Foundation

Amman, Jordan

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“Sentences on the Banks and Other Activities,” 2010. Exhibition view at Darat al-Funun, Amman. Courtesy Darat al-Funun

Darat al-Funun—The Khalid Shoman Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting contemporary art in the Arab world. Since its inception in 1993, Darat al-Funun has been committed to developing an art movement in Jordan and the region as a whole through educational programs. The organization presents local and international Arab art, and devotes its efforts to presenting regular cultural programs, such as symposia, workshops, film screenings, and discussions.

Overlooking the heart of Amman, Darat al-Funun is housed in four traditional 1920s buildings, alongside the restored archaeological remains of a sixth-century Byzantine church that had been built over a Roman temple. The summer of 2011 marked the inauguration of a newly restored building from the 1940s, which will house the headquarters of The Khalid Shoman Foundation, a new gallery space, and a research center.

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