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161 Broad Street
G40 2QR

David Dale Gallery & Studios

Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Ric Warren, City Limits: Revanchism and the Redevelopment of Spatial Separation (Shields 1–7), 2011. Installation view of “Borders, Boundaries and Barricades: Redeveloping Geographies of Division” at David Dale Gallery & Studios, Glasgow, 2011. Courtesy David Dale Gallery & Studios

David Dale Gallery & Studios is a nonprofit, artist-led organization based in the east end of Glasgow. Located on Broad Street, Bridgeton, it is situated in a building that once constituted part of David Dale College, established in 1949, and was named after the eighteenth-century philanthropist David Dale.

Established in 2009 by four fine art graduates from the Glasgow School of Art, David Dale Gallery & Studios provides artist studio spaces within a supportive peer group community, and hosts an innovative, year-round exhibitions and events program that promotes pioneering contemporary visual art.

The organization is committed to providing opportunities and supporting the development of early-career contemporary visual artists, curators, and writers. David Dale Gallery & Studios encourages professional development, education, and community participation while upholding the organization’s mission to bring contemporary visual art into the heart of the east end of Glasgow.

David Dale Gallery & Studios is run by a dedicated team of voluntary artists who work together to ensure the continuous delivery of all aspects of the project.

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