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Eikelstraat 25-31

Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen

Antwerp, Belgium

Cover Image:

Jean-Luc Moulène, Endwards, 2014. Exhibition view at Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen, Antwerp. Photo: We Document Art. Courtesy Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen

Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen formulates the role of the institution as a strategy of learning and as a “safe place,” from where the contemporary can be reflected on and the future can be addressed. We profile ourselves as an autonomous and hospitable platform for (the presentation of) research in the realm of visual arts and aesthetics—whether artistic, theoretical, or curatorial.

Extra City aims to collect the important ideas of today: to visualize, articulate, mediate, and invite feedback on remarkable projects and knowledge. We are concerned with experimental formats of presentation, comprehensive reflection, and open modes of public mediation of contemporary visual arts, and we operate in close relation with and within a local and international network of art institutions and individuals.

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