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Carrera 21 No 158-80
Alamos Parque C 88, Bucaramanga

Galería LaMutante

Bucaramanga, Colombia

Cover Image:

Jorge Torres González, Ojalá, 2007. Performance at La Compañía, Festival de Performance, Bucaramanga, 2007. Courtesy Galería LaMutante archive

Galería LaMutante is a space run by two visual artists and a graphic designer who, since 2006, have geared their efforts toward the revitalization and strengthening of the arts in Bucaramanga, Colombia, through a wide range of projects such as exhibitions, virtual publications, conferences, residences, and workshops.

Its status as an autonomous and self-managed space enables it to maintain total control over decisions related to its projects, which address, in a sarcastic and critical way, issues concerning cultural policies in Colombia.

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