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Dorten Haus, Christophstr. 5A

Hermes und der Pfau

Stuttgart, Germany

Cover Image:

Jan Timme, “Chapter Two,” 2010. Exhibition view at Hermes und der Pfau, Stuttgart. Courtesy Hermes und der Pfau. Photo: Bernhard Kahrmann

Hermes und der Pfau is a curatorial project and nonprofit exhibition space in Stuttgart, in southern Germany. Founded by Philipp Ziegler and Anne-Sofie Ruckhaberle, and located at the Dorten Haus, a historical backyard building in the city center, the space has functioned as a venue for solo and group shows of young international artists and guest-curated projects since November 2007. With a focus on conceptual works, Hermes und der Pfau offers space for experimentation and improvisation, and the development of exhibitions through a close dialogue between artists and curators.

In addition to its program at the Dorten Haus, Hermes und der Pfau presents exhibitions and projects in cooperation with various partners, such as the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, and regularly organizes parties at a variety of venues.

Hermes und der Pfau works in collaboration with Biotop 3000—Gestaltung und Artistic Research.

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  • 2,162 featured artists
  • 712 Public Programs
  • 441 Exhibitions

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