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27 Elm Road
Woodlands, Lusaka


Lusaka, Zambia

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Interior view of Insaka, Lusaka, 2010. Courtesy Triangle Network, London

The Insaka International Artists Workshop and the Insakartists Trust were established in 1993 to cater to the practical needs of local artists, and to tap the resources offered by virtue of being a member of a worldwide network. Their premises include artists’ workshops, studios, residences, exhibitions, and a computer suite.

From its inception, Insaka’s major objective has been to host an annual international artists workshop, in which local and visiting artists share a platform to exchange ideas, explore possibilities for collaboration, and share experiences. These workshops are also designed to facilitate the engagement of Zambian artists in international events and activities through the international artists’ network.

Insakartists Trust is available to local artists and communities that benefit from community outreach programs. However, for resources, mobilization,
and support for the workshop, Insaka also works with diplomatic missions, the corporate sector, and other art organizations within and outside the country.

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