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41, 2fl YiTong Street

IT Park Gallery

Taipei, Taiwan

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Chen Shiau-Peng, “Transition/Mapping,” 2010. Exhibition view at IT Park Gallery Exhibition Area 1, Taipei. Courtesy IT Park Gallery

IT Park Gallery is an artist-run art space founded to preserve a “pure land” for the creative autonomy of artists who refuse to cater to the tastes of the commercial art market. For more than two decades, this personal endeavor has succeeded in nourishing and fostering numerous artistic talents by regularly showing creative and experimental artworks and organizing inspiring art forums.

In the early years, the art shown at IT Park ran completely counter to the taste of the local art market; later, mainstream art museums began to value contemporary art and international exchanges. Today, IT Park is an important springboard for outstanding artists. Many who have shown their work at the space are now both domestically and internationally acclaimed.

IT Park has contributed enormously to the development of contemporary art in Taiwan. The rich list of artists who have exhibited here is available in a database which has become an important source for international professionals in search of local talents. The digitalization of this information was a voluntary effort by Chen Hui-chiao, one of the co-founding artists and the longtime guardian angel of IT Park as its daily administrator.

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