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Krizikova 34
Prague 8
180 00
Czech Republic

Karlin Studios

Prague, Czech Republic

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Patricie Fexová, Untitled, 2008. Installation view of “I Couldn’t Care Less about French Taste” at Karlin Studios, Prague, 2008. Courtesy Karlin Studios

Following the renovation of a large factory in Karlin, a former industrial quarter in the Prague 8 district, a unique complex of art studios and galleries called Karlin Studios was created and became the first of its kind in Prague. The founder and initiator of this nonprofit project is FUTURA, which is also one of the members of the Karlin Studios civic group.

This multipurpose cultural center features seventeen studios that are leased to select artists of all generations. One of the main studios is used by foreign artists invited to Prague as part of the residency program organized by FUTURA.

Karlin Studios also provides space for the Foundation for Contemporary Art, which consists of an extensive archive of Czech contemporary artists and two galleries. Entrance Gallery focuses on the latest, progressive, young generation. The central space is used by Karlin Studios with the aim of presenting new works by the Karlin studios—occupying artists themselves, as well as young Czech and foreign artists, who would be otherwise hard-pressed to find such adequate and generous spaces for their alternative projects within Prague’s gallery scene.

It is therefore now possible to create, exhibit, and document under one roof.

Public Hours
Wednesday–Sunday: 12–6 p.m. (closed on state holidays)
Founding Year
  • 2,162 featured artists
  • 712 Public Programs
  • 441 Exhibitions

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