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Likoni Close, Likoni Lane
Off Dennis Pritt Road
Hurligham, Nairobi

Kuona Trust

Nairobi, Kenya

Cover Image:

“Art for Space,” 2008. Exhibition view at Kuona Trust, Nairobi. Courtesy Kuona Trust

Kuona Trust is a nonprofit organization founded in 1995 at the National Museum of Kenya to serve visual artists. It has since worked with more than 1,500 artists, providing them with the skills and opportunities to advance while increasing the profile and role of the visual arts in Kenya.

Kuona Trust is one of the oldest organizations in East Africa that provides skills, training, and opportunities exclusively to visual artists. Its mission is: “To advance the skills and opportunities of contemporary visual artists and to create innovative, world-class art in Kenya.” This is achieved through providing artists with studio spaces, art training workshops, and exhibition opportunities. Kuona Trust also organizes local and international workshops, residencies, and artist-led outreach projects for local communities. Visit Kuona Trust to meet artists, buy their work, and find out about regular exhibitions, art classes, film showings, artist-led outreach projects, and international residencies and workshops.

  • 2,162 featured artists
  • 712 Public Programs
  • 441 Exhibitions

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