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Santa Fe Avenue 2729, 1st Floor, Local #34
Buenos Aires

La Ene—Nuevo Museo Energía de Arte Contemporáneo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cover Image:

Exterior view of La Ene, Buenos Aires, 2011. Courtesy La Ene

La Ene—Nuevo Museo Energía de Arte Contemporáneo started in August 2010, as a form of constructive criticism to the art system in Buenos Aires. Since then, it has undertaken the task of uniting people and funds to create the only museum of contemporary art in the city.

Some consider “museums” to be old fashioned, but La Ene decided to adopt the title because museums have interesting theoretical and social histories. Calling oneself a “museum” is also evidence of the existing institutional vacuum.

An independent project that arose from and responds to the artistic community, La Ene experiments with the link between the artist, the institution, and the existing methods of legitimization. It also supports a generation of new work and harbors artistic projects and a residency program, concentrating on communicating, investigating, exhibiting, and transmitting current art.

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