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José Martí and Comercio Streets (corner)
Escandón, Mexico DF

La Galería de Comercio

Escandón, Mexico

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Grupo De, “Dia de Muertos (‘Day of the Dead’),” 2010. Event at La Galería de Comercio, Mexico City. Courtesy La Galería de Comercio

La Galería de Comercio presents projects conceived according to its gallery space as well as to its physical, urban, economic, and political space. It exists only momentarily and produces no leftover residues. Once every month, it presents autonomous and low- or no-budget projects, and then broadcasts, documents, and follows up on each one. The gallery does not keep, store, commercialize or contest the works, their authenticity certificates, nor the property rights, copyrights, or percentages from possible moral or economic profit generated by any event presented.

A free entity, La Galería de Comercio is not ruled in a democratic way, nor is it a government agency. It reserves the right to change its address at its own discretion and will do so, if necessary. Its potential ubiquity is proportional to the specific needs of the possible projects.

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